Top AFL Betting Odds

The AFL is the favourite sport of Australians and they love to place bets on all the games. Whenever you bet on team to win, you will be told about the team’s odds. Odds are basically calculated on the likelihood of a team winning or not winning. If a team is likely to win a match, they will be given a handicap in order to level the betting playing field. This means that if you place a bet on the underdog team and it wins, you will be paid out more than if you placed the same bet on the team that is most likely to win. While placing a bet on the underdog is a risk, it can pay out very well if the underdog wins.

If you are serious about finding the best AFL live betting odds, then opening more than one account is a good idea. The reason for this being, that different bookies offer different odds on the same matches and the same teams. Having accounts at more than one bookie will allow you to shop around for the best AFL betting odds online. Although the differences in odds are usually small, they can add up over an entire season.

When you place a head to head online AFL bet, it means that you pick one team to win. If the team that you have picked wins the game, you win the bet and if it loses then you lose the bet. Although this is a simple bet, you will receive different AFL betting odds on different teams. Placing a bet on a team that is not likely to win, will give you better odds than betting on one of the best teams.

Line betting allows you to receive the same odds no matter which team you are betting on. This is done by giving one team a handicap in order to make it fair. The underdog is often given what is referred to in AFL football betting odds as a points start. This is a number of points that are taken from one team and given to another. In order for the favourite team to win the bet, they need to beat the underdog by the amount of points they have given them. If the weaker team loses the game by less than their points start, they can still win the bet. The points start always includes a half point to ensure there are no pushes on line bets.

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How to Read AFL Footy Betting Odds

When betting on the AFL, the odds will always be expressed in decimal. This makes it very easy to read and you can always see how much you will win.

There really are many great opportunities to win through AFL footy betting odds and even if you are only placing a small bet, you could walk away with some real money if the underdog team that you bet on wins. If you are a fan of the AFL betting and enjoy watching the games, then get online today and place a bet. It not only makes the game more exciting to watch, but you could win money with the great AFL betting odds that are available at the bookmakers we recommend.

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